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Big Data – The Corporate Leadership Perspective
Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective

Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective

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Lesson Objectives

Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective

  • start the course
  • decide where to start
  • establish economic value
  • recall how big data products are economic engines
  • compare building vs. buying approaches to big data skill
  • design a governance strategy
  • identify security concerns
  • identify stewardship issues
  • describe how this will impact the human resource department
  • describe the big data culture clash
  • describe what incubators are and how they can improve companies
  • be more familiar with big data as it relates to corporate leadership

Big data leaders must have skill sets that differ from what leaders of the past had. They must be able to show how big data generates value; how investments in big data initiatives should be targeted; and how fast the organization should move to implement them. In this course, you will learn how to create a governance strategy, examine security concerns, and realize how this will impact human resources.

Target Audience
Professionals looking to further their knowledge of Big Data from the corporate leadership perspective

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